Burglaries are a traumatic experience for many homeowners. It can be challenging to feel safe in your own home again after the break in. 24 Hour Locksmith Oakland team is here to help you get back on your feet and make sure that you’re feeling safe in your own home again! Our burglary damage repairs services range from installing new locks, repairing broken door frame damage, replacing broken windows with security film, and more. We also offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that we can get out there as soon as possible if you need us. We’re proud to serve Oakland and the surrounding area.

In addition to burglary repair, we’re happy to help you with the installation of new locks. Putting new door locks of your home is a great way to make yourself feel safer and more secure that your belongings are protected as well as having the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to keep yourself safe. We have a wide selection of locks available for sale, so if you want something less expensive than going straight to a complete lock replacement, you can pick up several different locks at a significantly reduced price. We also offer high-security locks for an additional fee, so if protection is what you’re really after, look no further!

Importance Of Having Your Locks Changed After A Burglary

If you’ve only had the locks on your doors changed after a break in, then you’re putting yourself at risk of another break in happening. Break ins are generally crimes of opportunity where criminals walk through neighborhoods looking for houses with no indications that someone is home. If there is no deadbolt on your door or window locks in place, they know it will likely be an easy break-ins.

Not every house needs to have the most expensive locks installed but keeping your home safe involves far more than just changing the locks after a burglar breaks into your house. It’s essential to change all of the locks throughout your home, including those on interior doors that do not usually need locking, as well as exterior doors and windows that are accessible from the ground. This includes sliding glass doors and windows that are not already covered by a burglar alarm system or other types of security.

Why You Should Have 24 Hour Locksmith Services On Speed Dial?

When you have your locks changed after a break in, you provide an additional layer of protection for your property. Call 24 Hour Locksmith-Oakland on speed dial to take the weight off your shoulders and get the job done promptly.

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Tips For Preventing Break Ins At Home

  1. Always lock doors when leaving home unattended. Use deadbolt locks instead of standard doorknobs that can be easily opened with just a credit card or screwdriver.
  2. Never give keys to your home to neighbors without checking their background.
  3. Don’t let any stranger into your house; always ask for government-issued identification cards that they can show you before allowing them inside.
  4. Never leave spare keys under the doormat, flowerpot or fake rock; burglars know these tricks!
  5. Television sets and antiques are among the most popular items burglars look for in a house; make sure they are not visible from outside if you don’t want them stolen by robbers.
  6. Install an alarm system and use it at all times when you’re at home and away. Alarms scare criminals off and will keep them out of your home forever! Use window grills that won’t prevent you from escaping through the window in case of fire but will stop burglars from breaking in.
  7. If possible, use sliding doors that can be locked at night when everyone is sleeping.
  8. Avoid sliding glass doors and windows; they are the easiest to break into if they’re not already protected by an alarm system or bars.
  9. Always keep your house’s entrance well-lit so you won’t be inviting criminals inside without knowing it. Light attracts attention, so it will scare away most robbers unless there are too many lurking around in your neighborhood and planning a robbery spree for later on that same night!
  10. Stay away from “fortresses” because no burglar wants to spend days trying to get into a fortress that you’ve created with locks, windows, bars, grills and other security items. A simple piece of furniture with a lock is enough to deter criminals from taking anything without your permission!

So if you feel insecure, want to protect your home, or just want to upgrade your locks with the best quality locks on the market, call us, 24 Hour Locksmith – Oakland on (919) 123-4567, and we will be happy to assist you right away. We’re the best choice when it comes to property damage repair services in Oakland, CA. We are available any time of the day, any day of the week, for customer assistance!